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Yes there is culture in Canada

by Ceci Flanagan-Snow, over 3 years ago

I am a verbal and visual artist living in rural New Brunswick.

Over the past two decades I've had hundreds of articles and photographs published in a variety of magazines in Canada, the USA and internationally. As I'm reaching pensionable age, I've scaled back the nature of my work and am focussing more and more on telling stories and creating images that celebrate life in Canada, and in New Brunswick in particular.

I am fortunate to have many friends who are writers, photographers, painters, sculptors - each accomplished artists in their own right and each contributing to the growth and awareness of culture in Canada. Sadly none of us are able to support our families solely on the proceeds of our artistic endeavours as publishers, galleries and other venues erode both copyright and compensation for creatives.

Our work has value to society, Canada and the world in general. We deserve both recognition and protection from usury, especially by large corporations.

Canada is fortunate to have a vibrant creative community from border to border to border! That community should be lauded and promoted for, without culture and creativity, would life even be worth living?

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