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Writing - A Way to have my voice and give hope

by Nikki, over 3 years ago

I love reading and listening to people stories, especially ones in which they detail how they overcame life’s difficulties.

In 2008, I finally wanted to share my story, In the Eye of Deception, with the intent to give people hope and show that overcoming some of life’s worst experiences are possible.

I was surprised to find out my story won The Word Guild Award and received an Honorable mention of the Grace Irwin Award. Although my story was self-published, it has sold all over the world and two years ago was translated into Russian and now being distributed in the Ukraine.

I have received countless emails, letters, cards and gifts from people worldwide telling me my story came to them as a gift of hope. That inspired me to write more.

I have written Dancing Softly, dedicated to Ashley Smith, a young woman who took her life while in prison. Kate Pate, head of The Elizabeth Frye Society reviewed my story and once it was published, she bought boxes of copies to distribute to women in Canadian prisons.

Writing is a means for me to have my voice, and also, to reach out with hope to the many in our country who have lost hope.

I have written other books, and numerous articles that have been published in anthologies and magazine both in the U.S. and Canada.

Writing for me is like breathing – a necessity. Nikki Rosen

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