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Write With Your Heart

by Carol Ann Cole, over 3 years ago

Cancer (more than once) helped me make a huge decision to leave corporate Canada and say good bye to my vp title, my "big job at Bell" as I affectionally called it, my big salary and move on to follow my heart.

I began working on my own as a professional speaker and I began writing my memoir. Writing was something I had always wanted to do and I was sure my life experiences and how I allowed those experiences to influence my life could help others. Thus far I have written four books that are all-me-all-the-time. I am able to call myself a best selling author in Canada - something I am very proud of.

I am also proud of being a Member of the Order of Canada but that's another story...

Today I am working on my first novel, Paradise. I am so proud of this book - to will be published in 2017 by Pegasus (US) with a second and possibly third book to follow.

From the heart,

Carol Ann Cole, C.M.

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