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Why must we REPEAT this 'data gathering' AGAIN?

by Margaret Lindsay Holton, over 3 years ago

In 2009, the then government-of-the-day held an on-line symposium addressing MANY of the topics now swirling around in here. That symposium was very active, engaging, enlightening and also, at times, frightening, (because advocates of FREE content were bullying all creators & their supporters ... )

For sake of expediency, I am now supplying a link to my final contribution to that symposium. Yes, the figures are now slightly dated, but the basic content is not. It encapsulates my perspective about an 'unprotected' digital environment for genuine Canadian creators within the larger 'global internet sphere'..

To be sure, successful communication of IDEAS means an 'open' and transparent 'transmission', but be very careful what you wish for. - Noise is not music ...

See here:

So, rather then 'open the gates' and mash-up all culture into some kind of indistinguishable global soup, I believe we should honor and respect the origins of national 'tribes', understand the historical legacies and ancient histories for what they are, as 'sign posts' of development & distinctiveness along the way.

Biodiversity in the arts & cultural realm is BETTER then ANY brand of mono-culture. But, equally, cultural silos that insist on 'isolating & insulating cultural walls or wars' are counter-productive.

It is a delicate balance that the national government of Canada, (not profit-oriented soft & hardware manufacturers), should provide sensible direction.

It is also worth remembering that, contrary to the increased proliferation of cell-phones and 'mobile devices' throughout the world, LESS then 4/5ths of humanity have actual access to the net.

Illiteracy remains a major global problem, especially for women. The digital divide exists. More on that, with an adjunct perspective on the proliferation and impact of 'screen content' on Canadians can be read here, 'The Boob Tube: Three Generations Talk TV ... '

Cumulatively, synthesizing the above should give you a pretty clear picture of what I both love - and dislike - about creating distinctive Canadian content.

'Canada' is as much a 'myth' as it is a physical reality. Fusing those imaginary & real perspectives has been the 'job' of Canadian cultural producers for nearly two centuries Ultimately, we must all let that GROW Forward ...

In other words .... keep your stick on the ice ...


Margaret Lindsay Holton - Canadian Indie Artist & Author

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