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What I love

by Anna Quon, over 3 years ago

As a creator of poems and stories, visual art, and video, I love the diversity of Canadian voices and have benfitted from both federal and provincial grants from the support for emerging artists with disabilities. I identify as a Mad, mixed-race person and aspiring full-time artist, who just likes to make things, because they make me happy and make sense to me. Art, and making art, brings home to me the things that are important to me about myself, this nation and the world. They make visible people's pain and struggles and triumphs, happiness, beauty,and loss. They help us honour and grieve and celebrate those things.

I think in Canada the arts are instrumental in teaching us about who we are and signposts to what we can be. They make me feel like I have a place here, where so much of the history I was taught in school felt like it had so little to do with me.

I cannot say I have any great place in the arts in Canada. I am just making what I want, in the small way most working artists probably do, and feeling good about it. I am very happy Canada has international art superstars and even happier that it recognizes the value of the rest of us just making away, day after day.

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