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We are from Nova Scotia

by Bill, over 3 years ago

In the military, we spend a lot of time training our possible replacements. To do that we need a great deal of experience. What follows after serving is classroom time, individual instructions, writing orders and manuels.... I served again, taught, retrained... served again (in another theatre) and when it was again time to teach, I resigned and used my teaching talents in a Church with children, taught labour relations to supervisors and then students at a University and I wrote manuels on strike control and managemen obligations and then taught union stewards their obligations under the same rules. I was hired away. It was at this time I realized that my grandchildren didn't know much about their Nova Scotian heritage. My new position allowed me to search records (not digitalized) in Provincial and US states' archives and libraries.

I have written seven books trying to show why we are what we are. I used the novel as the way to get people to read about actual, researched history. You should read them; you'd enjoy our history.

The publisher has requested another book. It is almost ready. It will be my last.

One final point. I used computers as a typewriter. I trusted nothing that I found in a computer that I didn't put there.

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