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Uncovering the Past

by Day's Lee, over 3 years ago

When I was growing up, my parents rarely talked about how they emigrated from China. I only heard bits and pieces when they talked with their friends, or if my father made a comment about a story on the news that reminded him of the past. I’d ask questions. Their answers were vague. Although I took history courses in high school and university, none ever touched on Chinese immigration to Canada. It was only after my parents passed away, did I discover my father’s head tax certificate and other documents that provided a key to their past. I did some research, found a few books on the topic and interviewed some old-timers in Chinatown. Their stories became a part of my stories. I’ve published short stories and non-fiction in national magazines about the Chinese community. My picture book which was published by a traditional publisher, my self-published young adult novel and short story collection are about Chinese families. It is through writing that I am able to share what I have learned about my family’s past and the Chinese community.

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