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The Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame

by Tim Progosh, almost 4 years ago

In 1999 I decided to crusade to open a Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame and create the Canadian Comedy Awards.

I produced 16 Comedy awards shows and festivals and 8 television specials that received 4 Gemini nominations.

The Festivals were produced in 3 different provinces and 5 different cities.

Right now a builder has guaranteed 15 million and purchased a prime location in Niagara Falls.

Over the past 8 years we have invested over 2 million to access the best architects, project managers and museum design experts to create a world class tourism attraction based on the amazing story of Canadian Comedy and its contribution to our culture.

No minister of Heritage has ever agreed to meet to find out about the project.

No Liberal or Conservative Minister of Heritage since the year 2000. Despite hundreds of inquiries and building a registered voting base of over 15,000 people from coast to coast. Despite the fact that the business model will create economic impact of $30 million per year for the Niagara region and generate international and national interest. ( not to mention finally preserving our comedic history.)

Now thats a true Canadian Story.

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