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Telling the Stories of Canadian Sports Heroes

by Sunny Jim, over 3 years ago

by Jim Shearon

I have self-published two books about the careers of Canadian-born baseball players, Canada’s Baseball Legends and Over the Fence is Out. I researched old newspapers, interviewed retired players and corresponded with former team-mates to compile stories that described their achievements because most people have no idea that more than 200 Canadians have played major league baseball.

My greatest satisfaction comes not from the book sales but from the messages I receive from family members who never saw a father or uncle play baseball.

Frank Colman’s daughter picked up my book in a store in London, Ontario and saw a picture of her father in a New York Yankees’ uniform. She told me she had never seen the picture before and she was thrilled to read that her father made his Yankee debut on the same day as Yogi Berra and that he hit a home run. It’s very rewarding to tell stories that have never been told before.

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