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Still Writing After All These Years

by Kalamitycat, over 3 years ago

I have been a freelance writer for over thirty-five years and am still in the business. My uncle, John Fisher was a famous writer, and public speaker and I guess that I inherited my love for writing from him. My first article was on my uncle after he died. I showed it to a professor who criticised it mercilessly and I cried and put the story away in a drawer. A year later I thought that all they could do to me is to say "no", so I submitted the story to a magazine. They called me and asked for photos to go with the story. Then they ran my article and paid me $100.00. After that I was hooked on magazine writing. Today, I am a song writer, a poet, a short story writer, a magazine writer, and I have published books. Freelance writing is a rough business where rejection is the norm. I could paper the walls with all the rejection slips that I have gotten. However, when you get a story accepted it is a wonderful feeling. Writing allows you to connect with a large group of people that you normally wouldn't connect with. You have to be a communicator at heart. One bit of wisdom that I remember from studying journalism is, "If dog bites man, that is not news; but if man bites dog that is news."

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