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Rink Burgers

by Todd Devonshire, over 3 years ago

This is a story that happened while I was writing my book, Rink Burgers. My book was about a young boy coming of age through the game of hockey in the 1980s in Saskatchewan. I was trying to remember the boy from the Canadian Tire commercial back in the 80s...the one where he gets picked last and then he dreams of the crowd yelling his name at a game. Alan? Austin? Aden? I couldn't remember the name. This was pre-Youtube and the internet wasn't helping so I did what I thought would be best; I called Customer Service at Canadian Tire. I told the lady that we had a bet going on in the office about the kid's name in the commercial. None of us could find it and we were wondering if you could help. After all, this was customer service. She laughed and said, " Slow day at work, sir?" I laughed and said yes. I wasn't about to tell her I was trying to write a book. I thought that would have been dumb.

She says she remembers the commercial, but can't remember the boy's name.

"But my manager might. Hang on." she said.

I waited for about 2 minutes when she came back on the line. She said the following:

"My manager told me to tell you that I should say, boy I wish we had a guy like Albert!"

Albert! Albert! Albert!

I thanked her, she thanked me for the unique call and I went writing immediately.

The book was my first and was received extremely well in Saskatchewan. It's read in schools and has been a great experience. Thanks for letting me tell my story.

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