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Reflections on being a fiction writer for the last thirty-five years

by Linda Hutsell-Manning, over 3 years ago

My first book was published in 1981, in the days when correspondence was by phone, fax or mail. Even as late as 2003, my editor sent revisions by mail and I returned revisions by mail. Two striking changes occurred for me after 2000. First, in 2010, when another book was being edited, everything was done online with all correspondence with my editor by email.Secondly, and I didn’t notice this for the first few following years, my income dropped drastically. PLR was less; Access copyright was less; royalties were less. The 2016 TWUC survey on income confirmed that my income had likely dropped as much as 27%. Now I assume for any new book, it will be unlikely that I will make much more than my small advances.Writers are so important in our society. We are a reflection of conscience, recorders of life. Many decades ago, I left a teaching career to write, encouraged by university professors and my family. For a time, I thought I should be able to make as much writing as I would teaching. Needless to say, I had to abandon this futile thought. I continue to write because I feel I have something of value to say, something to communicate to society at large. I would hope that the Canadian government will begin to restore Canadian writers lost income. We contribute so much and deserve at least a living wage.

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