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Overcoming Obstacles.

by David Cjharles Simmonds, over 3 years ago


My story begins by asking: Is there any difference between myself and so many working artists striving against often challenging odds to have their voices heard?

The answer? Not really. Can I make a stronger claim because I am in my seventies and most emerging artists are younger? I don’t think so. I believe all working artists share common problems at various stages although maybe at different times in their development.

Can I make a claim that because I live on Vancouver Island and geographically there are less resources available here? That doesn’t resonate either because what I might not be able to access so readily elsewhere is offset by the advantages of this formidable location where I live with its own rich history to research and embrace what I have chosen to do.

And that it is what it comes down to. It becomes a choice to do what you feel you have to do. And then to do it.

To date this is my personal response to the particular challenge of my circumstances and what am I doing about it:

(1) I write everyday: (2) I am creating a website that will act as a storage / archive with a welcome mat to enter and engage my work; (3) Establish and host readings and in specific projects consult with dramaturges/ directors/ music arrangers to workshop and prepare the projects I have on the runway; and (4) in general, reach out to people and organizations who might be interested in my work and assist, encourage and possibly fund. This is what I need to help take my work to the next step. Help would be greatly appreciated!

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