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Our stories are unique

by RJHarlick, over 3 years ago

Art, books, films and anything else created by Canadians are the only means we have for telling stories that are based on our own unique Canadian experience and view of the world. They reflect the events, the lives, the geography that have shaped and continue to shape us as a people and a country. They help us keep our distinctly Canadian stories alive and enable us to pass our Canadian experiences onto successive generations.

Sadly, with the rise of the multi-national artistic conglomerates and the continuing demise of independent Canadian artistic businesses, the ability for Canadian artists to tell these unique Canadian stories is fast diminishing. If Canadian artists want to earn a living by their art they are forced to create stories that reflect other cultures, other geographies in order to meet the business needs of these international conglomerates.

We need to do something about it, otherwise in a hundred years or more, that which is distinctly Canadian will be no more.

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Roy Mayer over 3 years ago
I wholeheartedly agree, RJ Harlick. In 2012 I published a novel entitled "Galahad Cried" based upon the true story of Bert Harper, a highly respected young Canadian journalist who followed a personal code of chivalry toward others. Following a life of great achievement, he died on December 6, 1901 just before his 27th birthday in an attempt to save a young woman from drowning in the Ottawa River. A statue of Sir Galahad with a plaque in tribute to his great bravery was erected in 1905 on Wellington Street directly in front of Canada's Parliamentary Peace Tower in commemoration. My book, Galahad Cried, is available in hard cover and kindle on Amazon. Signed - Roy Mayer, author
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