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Oh Canada You are not my native land, but Oh Canada you are my considered Home Land.

by Peggy Godfrey, over 3 years ago

There is little more for me to say, only my body to age.There was exciting time that I enjoyed along the wayWhile there are days that perhaps the opportunity may come my wayto train as a helicopter pilot would be great.I would like to control that magnificent, noisy machine, flyingup high then descending to help those who desperately need a rideAssisting, helping taking them far awayfrom where battles and despots’ use people as prey.Bringing them to safety, so they in turn can learn to computeand write things that memories complete their time in lifeFor in the past I loved my dance, learnt to skateWhen winter is here to be shared by allCars wont start, busses that stall, icy conditions, slippery roadsWalking conditions so difficult, easy to fall.New resident children have a wonderful winterFar off in secure woods falling, sliding. spills, thrillsConstructing igloos. imagining games with friends galore.Followed by months bringing cry of glee, the warm sun, the leaves turn greenOut on the ponds. lakes and rivers come canoes, all manner of floating boatsMore to learn and enjoy sharing with family and friendsHot dogs, hamburgers, bar-b-q. swimming, splashingDevelop new skills, it is time to forget any unhappiness,that may have brought them toCanada their New Home Land.

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