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NewfoundlandI Influences

by Margaret High, over 3 years ago

I wasn't aware that I had a gift for writing until I was in my later years.My husband and my friends discovered that I had a talent for writing poetry.

Friend's would often ask me to write a poem for certain occasiosn which I loved to do and I would personalize it and make it very special.

Coming from the East coast of Canada,Bell Island Newfoundland had a huge influence on writing poetry. I grew up listening to story telling, music, and singing.

Friends and family members would often gather in the kitchen and play instruments and sing songs as well as dance to old Jiggs and reel's, sometimes they would get the oldest person in the room to sing or recite an old song that they remembered as a child, that's how things got passed down from generation to generation.

I guess it's in my blood.

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