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My love affair with words, became my life

by Overanddonewith, 14 November, 2016

When I was five years of age, I wrote my first story and drew pictures and coloured them to go with the story. My mother helped me make this into a tiny booklet with scribbler paper and yarn for binding.

The story was called, The little Duck who ran away. Sadly, I did not save that, but that is when my love of writing began. I started reading newspapers as soon as I could read, by age 6 I was a fast reader.

At age ten I sent my own handwritten letter to a newspaper, the Weekly Star so I could acquire pen pals. Within a very short time after my letter was published, I had 15 pen pals. This certainly satisfied my appetite for writing. But I did continue to write stories and poems. I still have a green scribbler filled with a story about a fictional PEI family. I wrote that as a teen and that story was filled with romance.

And it was romance that kept me from pursuing a career at 18 or 19. I fell in love and got married. We had two sons together and by the time I reached 29 I had become depressed with my life. With the right treatment I got very brave and began to write for a local newspaper. When I called them and told them I would do a weekly column, I was asked if I had ever written for a newspaper before. My response was, "No, but I know I can do it."

And I've never looked back. I studied journalism in 1981-82 and then went to work full time for this same newspaper. And I had already begun writing for magazines as well. Careers can take different directions and mine did. I spent five years in radio writing commercials. A fun thing to do at the time. Finally, I wanted to freelance and I took a night job in a call center and worked ambitiously at my writing, selling stories about PEI agriculture, fisheries and forestry across Canada, across the US and in the UK. I felt I was putting PEI industries on the world map and making darn good money at it as well.

Always wanting to be a published author as well as a journalist, I had my first book of poetry published in 1982. My next book came out in 1995. Then no more until 2011, then 2 in 2012, and 1 in 2014, 1 in 2015 and a valentine book in February this year and now my memoirs in 2016. This will be my 9th book and I have a novel completed and seven other books ongoing.

Being a writer and author is all I ever wanted to do. I've worked at a lot of other jobs to supplement my writing income and pay printer bills, but I'll never be sorry about the direction my life has gone with regards to writing. It's the very best way I can be creative and share that with others.

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