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My Baba’s Stories

by molly anne warring, 14 November, 2016

When I was a child I grew up with my grandparents as we all lived together as an extended family. My most precious memories are about my Baba Palahia, after supper was over and the dishes were washed, I used to crouch by my Baba’s chair and she would rub my back and tell me stories about the “old country” and about their pioneering days when they immigrated to this great country of Canada in 1903. They were such poignant stories about their hardships in what was then Austria, and why they decided to immigrate to a country which spoke a foreign language that they didn’t understand. They were of Ukrainian descent, but were citizens of Austria. One day when I was about 20 years old, my Baba asked me; “Do you remember those stories that I used to tell you when you were little?” I replied, “Yes, Baba I remember then all, I loved hearing your stories!” She then questioned; “Will you ever write them down on paper?” And I replied; “Some day I’ll write a book and dedicate it to you”. My Baba died in 1973 and it took me more than 50 years to fulfill my promise to her. I didn’t want to write a plain family history, because that would be interesting only to my family, I wanted a good novel that many people would want to read. So I developed characters and a plot. I used all the seeds of her stories and I am pleased to say that Paradise Acres, my first historical novel was a best seller for 8 weeks and was nominated by my publisher, Borealis Publishing of Ottawa for the Governor General’s Award. I write historical fiction, whereby the history is all accurate as well as the geography, except for my little fictional town of Shady Hollow where the story began.

Since Paradise Acres – The Stry-Ker Family Saga; I have written Lost Paradise and Return to Paradise, also successful novels. Currently I have almost completed my fourth manuscript, this one is about my pets, it’s entltled “Emma, Ellen, Emil, and I, Oh yes, and Marko” I have also started to write “The Judas Factor”. This one will be five short stories in one book, each story contains a betrayal, should be quite interesting!

Thank you for this opportunity.

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