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Local programming

almost 4 years ago

Canadian content is essential in providing our population with a perspective on our country's identity.There is a need for our entertainment and information programming to reflect the values that make Canada unique in the world.

Our inclusive social structure can only progress with the ongoing guarantee of Canadian content.

As a preschooler in the Maritimes, I participated in the children show Romper Room. This was a franchise program but the host was local providing a regional outlook on the material we were exposed to. I remember the sponsor was an area bakery and when I would see their large trucks on the highways between our towns I was impressed that they took an interest in my little world and made it possible for me to meet Miss Phyliss and Mr. Do Bee! The power of advertising began so small. But really what I want to articulate is that I felt a part of a greater thing. I was included in and exposed to our country as a whole. From the opening 'test pattern' to the closing magnificence of the national anthem and majestic photos, I felt and feel the national pride of our artists, in production, acting, and music reflecting Canada physically and spiritually. This will always prove us to be unaffected by the pressures of the our neighbour's to the south. This provides the reflection of our inclusiveness. This should not be allowed to be diminished.

-- Janet, Ottawa

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