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I'm Enjoying Canadian History & Culture for the First Time

by Blaufman, almost 4 years ago

While I've always been a fan of history, it's only in recent years that I'm really enjoying Canadian history and culture.

The US has always cast such a big, splashy shadow over Canadian television that I've never really paid attention to it. Well all that's changed. I've accidently discovered that much of my favorite television programs - high quality television - is made right here.

First and foremost - Murdoch Mysteries. While the stories are usually fictitious, many of the themes and general storylines are not. What a fantastic way to showcase our long history! Each week, thousands of viewers dig into the stories and characters introduced to us by the writers, sharing their findings online with each other. And what we're discovering is how remarkable Canadians have always been. Even American, British and French fans join us each week.

On Still Standing, Jonny Harris takes us to another small Canadian town and shows us how special it is. I've already found 5 or 6 places that are on my must see list for vacation destinations. Places I wouldn't know existed without this show.

Other favorite shows include Orphan Black, Dark Matter, Kill Joys, 19-2, and When Calls the Heart.

What I've come to realize is our entertainment industry is oozing talent and creativity. And it's world class. I would hold our production values up against anything coming out of Hollywood. We have stories worth telling, and telling well. Our Canadian produced productions have a distinct Canadian twist that I've have come to relish.

Lets just keep it Canadian :)

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Perry J. Greenbaum over 3 years ago
I can't agree more about Murdoch Mysteries. Our whole family gets together every Monday at 9 to watch--this is how much we enjoy the show.
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