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I believe in Knowledge and dialogue!

by danielsahas, over 3 years ago
Daniel J. Sahas, Professor EmeritusUniversity of Waterloo, ONI believe in knowledge and dialogue, and Canada offers the possibility for both of them, ubundantly! As an academic teacher for more than thirty three years at the University of Waterloo, I encountered students and people from the public domain thirsty for knowledge and talented in dialogue. The Correspondence Programme of the University and its pioneer "Gown and Town" academic activity that was bringing the academic "gown" to the thirsty for knowledge and ideas "town", sharpened my own appetite from more of both qualities - knowledge and dialogue - that life offers. So, in addition to my writing and publication for the "exclusive" academic audience and clientele, I started writing on academic topics, issues and matters, with the broader and interested public in mind; not to forget to mention that even aspects of my academic writing included issues and were influence by the flavor that had developed from that broader public interest and input. The Canadian multicultural and progressive society is an engaging society which a researcher and teacher cannot afford to ignore. Many societies in the world would be envious of such a texture. I have come to this realization through my manyfold travels in various parts of the world; and as a citizen and observer of the modern troubled world I have, painlfully, realized that the lack of knowledge and education, and the shortage of heart and opportunities for dialogue have made our world more tragic and ... dangerous. Knowledge is not, and should not be, the priviledge of the few; and an irresponsible, individualistic chattering is not, and should not be, a hobby of the many.

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