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I am a creative woman of color who is born, raised and lives in Canada.

by Pocmtl , over 3 years ago

It is important for me to express myself - for me, everyone who looks like me and for everyone who benefits from my creativity. My unique experience cannot be told by someone who hasn't lived in Montreal, seen life through my eyes and lived my struggles.

More creatives should be empowered (government grants, educational assistance, mentorship etc) to bring their own personal stories to life, otherwise their legacy will not be left for the next generation or it will be reduced to a watered-down, foreign interpretation of who they are.

Canada is not second class. We don't need our neighbours' validation. We have so much talent, resources, and imagination --- if only our own government would see and nurture it.

You tube, Vimeo, social media --- this is where creatives who do not have a high budget thrive. Is there some sort of financial incentive in place to subsidize the web series, videos etc that Canadian creatives make for the enjoyment of other Canadians?

I don't think that now is the time to be lazy and stingy. Now more than ever we have to carve out a pristine public indentity considering the melee 'next door'.

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