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by BOUNCER, over 3 years ago

A lot of the official chat about Canadian culture seems artificial and tiresome - especially on the CBC. Wayne & Schuster, The Royal Canadian Air Farce, and the Mercer Report were never very funny. The best community arts are in Atlantic Canada and Whitehorse: the least interesting are usually in Toronto, the cement suit for innovation - but that's where all the money is. It seems the tsunami of the digital age has washed over us and is now receding - thank god. The most popular of our former entertainers were the strippers and the pubs but most are now vanished, leaving us with the budget-slashed wreckage of pompous orchestras and coy ballet companies. Most Canadians, if given a choice, would turn to pottery, weaving, gardening, cookery, photography, etc., and away from the soul-crushing experience of a corporate job but our leaders direct the wealth of our country into bum-kissing subsidies for the fat cats.

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