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How a Canadian writer survives in a digital world.

by CDNc2016, over 3 years ago

My answer: wonderfully. Indeed, never better. The digital world, beginning with my first computer, has transformed my life.As a university student and, later, a museum curator early in my career, I worked in a non digital world, writing with a #2 pencil on yellow, narrow-lined paper, later a manual typewriter, and pulling books and journals off the shelves of libraries, often lamenting what was not available. Today, from a small lakeside village, seasonally a resort community, hours from any city, I can work in the very heart of the Information Age. All because of the digital world. I can access any scholarly paper, any book, any document or any object of significant cultural, religious or heritage value – anything I might need that’s been digitized and put online. For this I depend ultimately, as I always have, on libraries, museums, archives and the publishing world; more recently the Internet. These are my ultimate sources for creating. All must be healthy for the digital world to work for me. Government plays a necessary role in supporting public sources of information and knowledge; in short, our libraries, museums and public archives. Without this content the digital world would be nearly empty. And I would still be living in The City, scribbling with my #2 pencil on yellow, narrow-lined paper and pulling books and journals off the shelves of libraries, often lamenting what is not available. The creative process for me would remain as it was before the digital world. But this has changed. Through digital technology I now have a portal, no matter where I live, to human history, discovery, inventiveness and imagination. This portal has literally revolutionized my work and expanded my creativity. There’s no looking back, and yet there are times ... times when I miss my #2 pencils, yellow, narrow-lined paper and actual, rather than virtual, visits to the library.Peter L. StorckOntario, Canada

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