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Future Generations of Canadian Storytellers

by Lisa Dalrymple, over 3 years ago

I’m an author. I tell students that I’ve been an author since I was 8 years old as, even then, I was always writing. In Grade 7, I was fortunate to attend Whitby Senior Public School in Ontario (which was soon to become Leslie McFarlane PS) where we had a librarian who regularly brought in Canadian authors to work with students to help develop our writing craft. Through these visits, I was inspired to think that I could one day write books that would be published. With much perseverance, a little luck, and the passage of time (over 30 years!), I now have 9 published books for children and my first novel is due to be released by Orca Books in 2017.

Nothing means more to me than the invitations I get to visit schools and libraries across Canada where I share my stories with students, I listen to theirs, and I wonder who they may inspire in the future.

Lisa Dalrymple

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