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Flying for Her Own Reasons

by Lynda Williams, over 3 years ago

I've long resisted the little voice whispering "give up, you're not big enough" by reminding myself everyone has the right to fly for her own reasons: the ones she finds personally motivating. For me, this includes Canadian perspectives. You might not think my genre, science fiction, has a sense of place but art always comes from somewhere. In fact, speculative fiction (whether science fiction or fantasy) reveals more about beliefs and values than mundane art. In epic SF, in particular, one gets to redesign whole worlds! I believe my creation of the arbiter administration of Rire, in particular, reflects the Canadian values I grew up with. With the launch of a new era publishing company,, I am also embracing #OptimisticSF. I'm tired of hearing how hopeless everything is. I want to be proud to be human again. SF embraces the universal, too. And I want to help encourage my genre to dare to dream positive again. Look for anthologies on controversial or critical topics that challenge writers to inject a bit of optimism and problem solving into the mix, in 2017, from Reality Skimming Press. Meanwhile, as they say in the Okal Rel Universe I founded with my 10-novel saga, "ack rel". Strive with honour.

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