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Finding a New Path

by serimuse, about 3 years ago

For many years I benefited from being a member of the Saskatchewan writing community. I attended the Summer School of the Arts many years ago, have been a member of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild since the 1980's, took part in workshops, sat on boards, and wrote. I also worked at other jobs because I knew I couldn't make a living 'just writing.' I had work published in small magazines and a couple of anthologies, as well as broadcast on local CBC radio. I won some awards. But I couldn't seem to get a book published. It wasn't until the digital revolution and self-publishing that the next stage of my writing life occurred. I now have three books self published. One of them was one of three finalists in the High Plains Book Awards YA category last year. As a result of this I got some interest from an agent. I'm still writing, now full time, supporting myself through pensions. I'm close to having a fourth book ready for publication. I will continue to write, and see where this path takes me.

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