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Fear and Possiblity

by A Dolman, over 3 years ago

As a poet and fiction writer, digital content means a number of positive things:

-My work published digitally stays accessible longer.

-My work is more easily searchable.

-Presentation options, both by me and by the publisher, are more dynamic.

And all of that is great. But, when work is available electronically, particularly when it is only published electronically and not in a simultaneous or subsequent print edition, suddenly I lose any options for revenue through copyright, the work is ineligible as a path to joining a number of the writer's unions or associations that could offer me funding and work to protect my rights, the work becomes ineligible for a number of prizes and awards, and I no longer have any control over who accesses my work, including whether they ever pay or paid to see it.

Regardless of whether I was paid a tiny initial fee by a publisher for publishing my piece digitally, I will likely never see any subsequent remuneration or reward, regardless of how well the work is received, unless it is also eventually published in print format. This makes my time, skill and effort, and that of my colleagues, even less respected by both content users and content publishers. There needs to be a way to make writing pay for the writer, because right now remuneration is a lottery, and the vast majority of us are set to lose.

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