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Echoes Down Th Years

by dorothy T, over 3 years ago

When I was 15, I already knew I wanted to be a writer. That summer, I was too young to get a job, so I decided to go to a private business college to learn how to type. The secretary there was a kind person who listened to my story of hopes and dreams. After a few weeks, when I could type reasonably well, she came to me and said that she could get me a job for the r est of the summer at the local radio station where the school advertised. I went for an interview, and worked there as a copywriter for three summers and then for five years after graduating from university. This sparked many other writing projects over half a century. At a heritage society dinner one night, I sat next to an elderly lady and had a wonderful conversation with her. When she finally turned so that I could see her name tag, I realized that this was the secretary from the business college! I told her how she had started me on a writing career which had been both successful and satisfying. She did not remember me, of course, but she was delighted to know that a simple thoughtful act had had such an impact on a young life.

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