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Cultural vision of Canada

by Helga Lambrecht, over 3 years ago

In response to the challenge to regain and maintain copyright to our works, you asked for a vision of the cultural policy of tomorrow. I tried to pen a response on the prompts without success but have ppreciated all the years of enjoying copyright for my many Lambrecht Publications and Herbal Health. I am a Natural Nutrition and Natural Health Consultant and Educator closely aware of the changing cultural dynamics of Canada.

I believe many Canadians have a relatively educated approach to health issues that are plaguing society now. Diseases that can be controlled or mediated by lifestyle are on the increase and we need clear guidelines to know how to address these beyond what Canada Food Guide offers although it is being revised..

Most natural health experts and authors are American and I have felt for years that we needed an educated perspective from a Canadian expert. my colleague Lorene Benoit wrote a book in 2010, "The Paw Paw Program - A "Christopher Columbus" Approach to Cancer: The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally".

This was a lonely venture, as without funding there was no support available. However she endured and has been happy with the results as all are that have a copy of the book. She has helped more than 1000 persons from many ethic backgrounds to help Canadians help their bodies heal. Getting any kind of media to help a self publisher has been difficult. Book sales, both from Amazon and takethenaturalpath website, are from the US.

To make this valuable information available our local library has the books. An adjunct to Benoit's work are local, regional and some national presentations including the Cowichan Intercultural Society.

I have written and putlished may books and other publications since 1976 which address health, domestic cookery and ethnic studies in history. I urge the federal task force to embrace the writers who are the voices of Canadians. As a self-publisher I've sold in excess of 10,000 copies.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Helga Lambrecht, M.Ed, Nutritional Consultant, Certified Herbal Consultant, RPBCHEc., Nutritional Microanalysis Consultant
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