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Creativity Via Poetry

by Gerald Walton Paul, over 3 years ago

I became interested in poetry in secondary school where I memorized Milton's "On His Blindness," Wordsworth's "Daffodils" and passages from Shakespeare's Macbeth and Julius Caesar. In University English courses, I committed to memory hundreds of lines from Chaucer to Whitman. In 1960, I listed 160 first lines from my favourite poems many of which I had earlier added to my memory bank. As I repeat the first lines of my poems (and many entire poems) they evoke excitement--outpouring lively images with rhythm and rhyme. At the age of 90, creative ideas for columns and essays steal into my mind like the sound of a bow plucking the strings of a violin. Memorizing poems and retrieving them often, is like putting money in the bank and knowing I can withdraw sums at any time. Imagery from the poems in my memory bank, conflict and correspond providing me with the creativity that has kept me adding to my published works for over 60 years.

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