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Connecting One-on-one with the Reader

by Sylvia McNicoll, over 3 years ago

As a writer of books for young people for close to thirty years, I continue to be amazed at the far-reaching impact of my stories. I have novels published in Australia, England, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, the U.S and more recently Korea. But it’s not the international success. It’s the one-on-one impact on some of these readers: the young Australian man who wanted my first book, Blueberries and Whipped Cream, as a proposal gift for his future bride; it had been her favourite as a teen. Or the young Canadian woman who read my dog guide story Bringing Up Beauty in grade four and then as an adult began working as a puppy trainer with Canine Vision as a result. A couple of years ago she named a future guide dog Beauty after my character. Most recently an American blogger read a Net Galley e-copy of my newest middle grade creation The Best Mistake Mystery and thanked me for helping her understand her anxious nephew who was identical, she claimed, to my mistake-counting protagonist. I am humbled by how an idea that starts in my head can somehow grow into something so much larger in someone else’s and in the course, change them forever. And to be able to reach so many young readers in so many parts of the world? I am privileged and grateful.

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