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Coming out as a writer

by Joanna Lilley, over 3 years ago

When I came to Canada 10 years ago, not many people knew that I wrote. I'm from Britain. I grew up intimated by and in awe of a long tradition of superlative English literature. How could I possibly be presumptuous enough to dream of one day becoming an author? What right did I have for my dream to come true? In Canada, I found my new community to be more accepting, less judgemental. Just as there is more geographical space, there was more space for aspirations and dreams. I started to come out as a writer. And in a few months' time my third book will be published. I find that miraculous. I'm grateful to Canada for not only letting me grow creatively but encouraging me to grow. I still have dreams. My mind is crammed with ideas I want and need to write about. My challenge now is finding the time while still going to work every day. I dream of one day becoming a full-time writer. I'd like to say one more thing about Canadian culture and creativity. I live in Yukon where there are a surprising amount of writers and artists of all kinds. Supported as I am locally, I still look to the digital world to create even more connections - to learn about craft and find out about all the wonderful things Canada's literary community is achieving. I now know writers all across the country. I find that miraculous too.

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