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Canadians making a name in Natural Health Education

by Lorene Benoit, MHH, over 3 years ago

I feel many Canadians have a relatively educated approach to health issues that are plaguing society now. Diseases that can be controlled or mediated by lifestyle are on the increase and we need clear guidelines to know how to address these. Ones that go far beyond what Canada Food Guide can offer.

Most natural health experts and authors are American and I have felt for years that we needed an educated perspective from a Canadian expert. Which is why I set out to write my book in 2010, "The Paw Paw Program - A "Christopher Columbus" Approach to Cancer: The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally".

This was a lonely venture, as without funding there was no support available. However I endured and have been happy with the results. Based on the feedback from well more than 1000 sales, I know this book has helped many. But getting any kind of media as a self publisher has been difficult. Interestingly, most of my sales, both from Amazon and my personal website, are from the US.

To make this valuable information available our local library has the books. Again the time it would take to approach other Canadian Libraries is just more than I have as a small self employed business.

I have appreciated what Access Copyright does.

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