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Canadian artists have been short changed by government

by Janet Hudgins, 14 November, 2016

It's a curious thing that, historically, Canadian governments of all stripes have never supported its constituents in the Arts. Other countries contribute mightily to those entering the literature, music and art fields but that's never happened here. And there is a general public attitude that falls in with this as so many people seem to think that this talent and skill should come to them gratis.

I'm a writer. I can't remember how many times someone, usually a man, has asked me to 'help' him with his memoir, free of charge. And, how many times have you heard someone imply that a musician should play for a community event for nothing. Even city grants are meant for organizers but not the artist; he or she is expected to perform for nothing as if everyone was in a private home around the piano singing. And if the artist refuses there is always a very rude retaliation, as if a mere writer or musician or artist has the nerve to withhold their 'services' from the local patriarch.

Each of the Arts is a lifetime learning curve at an extraordinary cost and the work of each performance is more profound than any other form or work. Think of the history of some of the best talent in the world tossed off by administrations over the years that no one knew there was any Canadian talent. In fact, they have had to leave home to make a living. That's a crime!!!

But, the government could change the dismissive attitude toward artists if it started to really support them, and now would be the perfect time.

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Sean Arthur Joyce almost 4 years ago
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