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Canada's Soundtrack

by KristenF, almost 4 years ago

I was always very inspired by musicians growing up as a kid. There was something about their passion and creativity that inspired me to a point that I had to learn how to play at least one instrument. I still remember when I first picked up a guitar, while sitting around a campfire - in Bobcaygeon. Music is best when shared, and even though I only did it amongst a circle of friends, that's what the Tragically Hip did with an entire nation.

Whether or not they made it big elsewhere was irrelevant because they were singing specifically for and about us; about our hometowns, our hockey players, and our experiences. Being able to see them on their final tour was an emotional experience. It was the end of a musical era for my generation, and the most bitter sweet concert I have ever attended. I have no doubt that the music and influence of Gord Downie will live on through future generations, because not only did he write the soundtrack for our country, but he continues to do whatever he can to bring attention to the ways in which it can be improved; Besides, no one's interested in something you didn't do.

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