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Canada Has A Relevant Cinematic Voice

by kseniathurgood, almost 4 years ago

Canada has a relevant cinematic voice. Nothing is more clear than the success of 'Orphan Black'. Created and cultivated in Canada.

A clever engaging story where at the centre are women of various cultures, all played by Tatiana Maslany. A Saskatchewan born and bred actor who has shown time and time again that her work not only stands up to the big leagues, but also shines bright. Not to mention the clever writing, wicked cinematography and killer production team along with a fantastic cast of Canadian heavy hitters, like Rosemary Dunsmore. Orphan Black is a tour de force.

The world is taking notice of this series. And the best part, it is putting Canada on the map in terms of filmic storytelling. Why did the CRTC push through a policy to take away 2 of the 8/10 percent of Canadian jobs available when Canadian shows and artists are being celebrated in world-wide artistic arenas? Canada has the artists to provide all roles within TV programming. To name a few, Orphan Black, Corner Gas, Renegade Press, Mohawk Girls, 19-2 and Heartland have all proven this with successful longevity as well as awards.

How many more awards does Tat have to win before Mr. Blais realizes that Canada has a relevant voice in cinematics? Canadian TV should feature Canadian Talent. We have nothing to be apologetic for and have everything to celebrate. Point blank.

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