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Bi-Coastal Writer

by Marjorie Simmins, over 3 years ago

Growing up in beautiful Vancouver, BC, in the 1970s, with no intentions of ever moving - I never expected I'd one day write about the West and East Coasts of Canada with deep and knowledgeable love. BC, maybe, if I was lucky enough to be able to write and publish my writing. But like many Western Canadians, what I knew about life beyond Quebec you could hold in a teaspoon.

And yet after five years of working as a freelance journalist in Vancouver, specializing in the commercial and sport fishing beats, and as an essayist, I met and married another writer, Silver Donald Cameron, moved to a tiny village in Cape Breton Island, in Nova Scotia, and began writing stories about a part of the country that was entirely new and in many ways mysterious to me. And here I had thought the lateral coasts would have lots in common! Yes, and very much no. My first book, Coastal Lives, delves into these differences and commonalities. It celebrates love, too, of the romantic and familial sort, and love of region and country. What a privilege it was to turn my creative thoughts to the different histories, cultures, music, food, marine worlds and peoples of BC and Atlantic Canada!

With a second book out in September, 2016, Year of the Horse, I feel even more privileged to once again turn a creative eye to my lifetime with horses on the East and West Coasts of Canada, both of which I call home. While on tour with the book, from NS to BC, I felt excited and grateful to see the country from east to west - with a resolve to see more of the north in coming years!

What do I love best about Canadian culture and creativity? I love it all, coast to coast to coast.

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