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Beyond Paper and Canvas by W. Fraser Sandercombe

by W. Fraser Sandercombe, over 3 years ago

When I was eighteen I sold my first short story and my first poems to a small press magazine. That was also the year I sold my first painting. Since then, I’ve had dozens of stories, articles and poems published, along with seven books. I’ve also done paintings and line drawings, also for magazines and book publishers, as well as selling uncountable paintings both privately and through various galleries. Being a writer and an artist in Canada has never been easy. The markets are small and the opportunities are somewhat limited. But it has been an amazing challenge and a terrific way to live a life. Most recently, a whole new world has opened up: the digital one. With my first e-book and dozens of my paintings and drawings available digitally as stock art, everything feels very fresh again. The possibilities are universal and seemingly endless.

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