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Author by birth

by Eileen Schuh, over 3 years ago

I am an author by birth, not by choice, having realized my calling was to write around the same time as I learned to read--at age 3.

I'm both a Psychiatric Nurse and Journalist by training. Down through the decades I also became a wife, mother, office worker, editor, and businesswoman by experience. Through volunteerism, I became a second set of eyes and ears for the RCMP, a curler, a secretary-treasurer, and more.

When the busy-ness of all that ebbed, I became a novelist. I now have eight books to my credit, with more in the wings.

My local library (the Northern Lights Library System), sponsored a 23-stop author tour through libraries in North East Alberta. Additionally, through the years, I've been invited to speak to children in the North Slave Young Offenders Facility, the Side Door Youth Centre, and the St. Paul Alternate Education Centre. In 2015, I was chosen to participate in the Canadian Author Association's Writers in Schools Program and spent a day visiting the children and teachers at the Kehewin Education Centre.

I've received a decent amount of local media coverage and much support from my community

I have not been able, however, to break into the international online market, or the eBook market, despite having two traditional (albeit small) publishers each pick up two of my titles and having self-published, as well. One of those publishers is Canadian and one is in Colorado. Because of this, I must measure my success in ways other than by the number of books sold and must pay my bills with paychecks from an alternate day job.

All that said, if I were asked to measure my artistic success in terms of the pleasure I receive from writing my novels and sharing them with the world, I'd have to confess, I'm one of Canada's richest authors.

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