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by Geordie, over 3 years ago

I have been a freelance writer in a variety of genres for the past 25 years. My only book effort was co-authored with Dorothy Grant entitled Amazing Medical Stories (ISBN-10: 0864923473) which outlines some of the outstanding achievements (and debacles) of a medical nature in Canada or associated with Canadians. It all started when I visited the Parrsboro Geological Museum and found out that a GP from Parrsboro invented kerosene and set up the first petro-chemical plant in the world for Esso. This excited the detective in me and I hunted down other interesting stories, a passion shared with Nova Scotia nurse and media personality Dorothy Grant. We discovered how a brain tumour in a French admiral anchored in Halifax Harbout changed the course of North American history and how Alexander Graham Bell built one of the first respirators in the world in Cape Breton at his summer home in Baddeck. We charted the amusing adventure of Canada's first well documented sociopath, Henry Moon and found a descendant of Anna Leonowens (The King and I) practicing medicine in Ontario after a stint working for the King of Saudi Arabia!

Canada is a font of history with many more fascinating stories that need to be more widely known.

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