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Accidental Canadian Writer and Historian

by CynthiaFaryon, over 3 years ago

Writing wasn't on my radar ... I was a mother, a Provincial Government office worker and aspiring Legal Assistant. In the middle of the busiest time in motherhood, my mother and my aunt were reunited after a 65 year-old separation. My aunt lived in England, my mother an English war bride living in Canada. They were separated by the English orphanage system after my Jewish grandfather and Irish Catholic Grandmother divorced and neither side wanted the two girls. My mother was 6 years old when she "lost" her sister. They were accidently reunited over the telephone by someone living in Germany. My mother lived in Victoria BC, and my Aunt in England.

After the reunion in Victoria, BC, in 1995, my mother asked me to write a book about their lives. I did, and in order to build my publishing platform so I could find a publisher, I started writing Canadian travel reviews and articles which were published in Homemakers' Magazine, Readers' Digest, Our Canada and an American website.

After the first book was published by Caitlin Press in Prince George, I was approached by Altitude Publishing, from Canmore Alberta, to write a Canadian book series regarding the Canadian Forces during WWI & WWII. This lead to a series named "Real Justice" with Lorimer Publishing and the rest ... literally ... is history. Without digital access to documents, writing them, for me, would have been out of the question.

Historical writing needs research ... photos ... documents ... publishing rights ... and then more and more rights, and research and time and paperwork. The government of Canada has made available tons and tons of documents, records, photos etc., online, for writers in every genre: The grant programs, school programs, 'artists in the schools', Legislative libraries and archives, (to name a few),

That's why I support Access Copyright. They protect my work so I can focus on the details of historical research and writing. And, at the same time, protects the rights of the material I use in my work. And the government agencies have worked with me, supported my research, and developed systems to aid historical research electronically. Living in BC, I can't simply drive over to Ontario to do an afternoon of research. The support I receive from the Federal and Provincial government programs, to write what I write, is wonderful, and I'm not talking about money. I'm referring to research help by pleasant and knowledgeable government organizations and their employees, and the ease of digital online access. It validates the Canadian history I write, preserve, and share with other Canadians.

I ONLY write Canadian History and Canadian Content ... if it doesn't involve Canada, then I don't pursue it. I LOVE, being a writer in Canada. I also love writing about Canadians making, and being involved in historical events. We are a great nation ... a strong nation. Our pioneers were immigrants from other countries who had to be strong enough to settle and populate this amazing country. We are not apathetic, we are secure and strong enough to listen and work with others. This shows in our culture, our work with other countries, and our support of our creative community. A whole person is a strong person. The Canadian Government supports creativity and the digital access for research shows their commitment.

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