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A Little Classic Canadiana That Really MOVED me..

by Doug, from the coast, almost 4 years ago

As a kid growing up in Burnaby, BC, like most kids, I was pretty self absorbed and had little knowledge of the world, aside from the big, "newbie" topics. I grew up watching various TV shows, as most of us did, but one in particular stuck with me. It was "The Beachcombers".

I went through my childhood and most of my adulthood, living and working in the Lower Mainland of BC and eventually worked in many other smaller towns in the province, but would always watch this show when the opportunity presented itself, because the location and lifestyle it showed always had a very strong appeal to me.

It wasn't so much about the script, the acting, the production, but it was about this special little town and how life was so different there, than it was for me. Shot in Gibsons, BC, it was more than just a novelty that a TV show was being shot in BC, (which, at the time, was rare), but it showed me that there are different places, sounds and lifestyles not far away from the big city of Vancouver, with her noise, traffic and her sprawling suburbs.

The original series of this classic Canadian show has not been seen by the public for over 25 years now, because it is locked away in some storage room somewhere, which I find very sad, because it was this show, "The Beachcombers", the originally aired episodes, that planted a strong connection to this coast lifestyle, a strong respect for this land, this country and the fact that we are all different people in a different place, but we are all Canadian.

In my 50s, I was finally able to move to the Sunshine Coast of BC, because over the years, I grew to love it, after visiting many times. Now, I remain a very proud Canadian, proud of my heritage, proud of our country, made up of a mix of cultures and proud that I am one of the people that this iconic show has inspired to make my Canadian life even better. I now live this Canadiana as it is today.

For me, it all started with "The Beachcombers".Please help "unlock" those early episodes of The Beachcombers, as it not only put this little town on the map, but it put me in this little town. I can only hope that it has the same profound effect on younger people who see it.

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