Artificial Intelligence in Canada’s Gambling Industry

The Canadian gambling industry continues to transform, and artificial intelligence technologies play a key role in this evolution. So how is AI influencing Canada’s casino industry? Can these technologies make gambling more fun but at the same time safer and fairer?

We could not ignore this topic, so our experts conducted an in-depth analysis of AI’s impact on the modern casino industry and its operation.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

In simple terms, artificial intelligence or AI is programs that mimic human behaviour and experience. Thanks to AI, machines, like humans, learn from their experiences. As a result, AI systems can plan, solve problems, learn, and some even mimic creativity.

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AI in the Online Casino Industry

In the field of Internet gambling, the opportunities for AI development are endless. Online operators are already using AI technologies in marketing to collect data on player behaviour and preferences, detect fraud and improve the customer experience in general. Thanks to AI, Canadian casinos are also improving the overall gaming experience for players and making it safer. Below, we describe in more detail exactly what tasks AI helps to solve.

Loyalty and Marketing

Risk Management

Positive Impact of AI on the Casino Industry

Such a dynamic sphere cannot fail to integrate with modern technologies. And suppose regular players do not see how AI affects their experience. In that case, market experts are sure that the positive impact of these technologies on the Internet gambling industry can hardly be overestimated.

Individual Game Experience

In addition to allowing Canadian online operators to provide players with a more comfortable experience on the site, artificial intelligence is also successfully used to create a personalized gaming experience. That is, casinos try to adapt as much as possible to the requirements and preferences of a particular gambler.

What it looks like in practice: for example, by collecting information about the player’s behaviour, the AI software allows preparing a special selection of gambling entertainment that matches their preferences. Thanks to this, the player no longer needs to browse through endless lists of games, as their favourites are always at hand.

Top-level Service

Thanks to the automation of the support service, specialists quickly solve any problems regarding gaming preferences, payment history and many other issues. This allows for a more personalized customer experience.

From chatbots where you can get answers even while playing to hotlines where you can contact support specialists at any time of the day, even on weekends – AI allows you to take customer service to a higher level.

Safer Environment

If you do not adhere to certain rules of responsible gambling, a fun hobby can turn into problem gambling and even addiction at any time. Clear signs of gambling addiction are:

  • wanting to win back your money;
  • lying about gambling in front of family and friends;
  • gambling all night long;
  • borrowing money on casino games;
  • emotional swings and inability to stop.

AI is being used to create a more responsible and, therefore, safer gaming environment. For example, some AI technologies help online operators detect unhealthy player behaviour before it becomes a real problem. In addition, many casino sites have a program limiting the time and budget a gambler spends playing.

Chatbots in Online Gambling

Chatbots are one of the most striking examples of AI use in online casinos. They act as a kind of intermediary between brands and players. Such programs are integrated into the most popular social networks, such as Twitter. The main tasks of chatbots are:

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  • automatic mailing of letters with promotional offers and other useful information;
  • communication with punters and resolve their issues;
  • playing online poker.

Poker Bots

The first poker bot, Orac, could play the famous card game, and was created in the 1980s. Its modern counterparts are much smarter: these poker bots analyze and simulate player behaviour, collect and analyze game statistics, make decisions and even manage bets.

Usually, gamblers do not even realize that their opponent is a sentient machine. This is because the poker bot, by analyzing the behaviour of gamblers, learns and then, in the right situations, reproduces all the reactions and actions of opponents.

In 2017, a team of scientists developed a poker bot called DeepStack. It beat 33 poker pros. However, modern gambling sites do not use such smart machines since their goal is not to scare away players but to encourage them to compete and enjoy the gameplay.

Tracking Trends

As in any other field, online operators need to keep abreast of the latest and future trends. Canadian casinos are innovating and improving their functionality to stay at the top. They also use AI to track trends to understand where the gambling market will develop in the short, medium and long term. In the future, the collected data will allow online operators to adjust to the individual preferences of gamblers.